8 Ways to Prepare Your Child for a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the most feared and dreaded visits to the dentist. It is true for adults and especially true for kids. But it can be swift and comfortable with the right dentist.

When your child has a decaying tooth or an abscess, the most likely outcome is having the tooth removed. So, how do you get them to cooperate with you and the dentist? How do you prepare them for a visit? How do you get them to look past their fear?


1. Involve Your Child in Making the Decision

Despite most children being too young to make such a decision, it is essential to involve them. Involving your child will allow them to start taking responsibility for the procedure's necessity. 

Explain to them why it is essential to take the tooth out. When the child understands why the procedure is necessary, they will start to prepare mentally for it. Involving them also creates an excellent platform to ask questions. 


2. Be Optimistic

Although getting your teeth or tooth removed may seem like a harrowing experience, it is essential to stay optimistic. Children are very perceptive and pick up many emotions from their parents. So, when talking to your child about tooth extraction, ensure that you are positive.


3. Be Open About the Procedure

When children ask questions, they try to understand complex ideas and concepts. Being open about the procedure will help them understand it better. This will help them not be as terrified and be more willing to face it.


4. Have Fun the Day Before

You can take your child to have fun on the day before. It is an excellent way to ensure they are in a good mood on the day of the procedure. The fun day will help build up the positive momentum. Also, ensure they get a good night's sleep.


5. Give Them Something to Look Forward To

Ensure that your child has something to look forward to after the procedure. You can promise to take them to the park or buy them ice cream after. It is a great way to ensure that your child takes their mind off the procedure.


6. Take a Favorite Toy

Your child must stay calm when you are going for the procedure. You can accomplish this by taking their favorite toy. The toy will be a distraction and comfort if they start getting scared. 


7. Play Some Music During the procedure

When you get to the dentist's, you can play some music that calms your child. The dentist's tools may look a bit scary for your child. Playing music that they like will help them stay calm.


8. Have an Experienced Dentist

An experienced dentist will not go straight to the procedure when the child is seated. They have strategies to help your child stay calm and learn to trust them. Trust is important so your child can allow the dentist to work on their teeth.


For more on ways to prepare your child for tooth extraction, visit Colwick Pediatric Dentistry at our office in Cleburne, Texas. Call (817) 382-3029 to book an appointment today.

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