What to Do if Your Kid Gets a Dental Injury

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends quick action if your child experiences a dental injury. Most parents tend to panic, and in so doing, they neglect crucial steps. Your dentist can help over the phone, but some treatments need an emergency visit to the dental clinic. Here are the things you must do if your child gets a dental injury.


Know the Symptoms

Familiarizing yourself with the symptoms of a possible dental injury can help your child get immediate help. If unsure, you can bring your child in for an evaluation. Here are some of the symptoms you must watch out for, especially after a bad fall or facial injury:


  • Tenderness or pain

  • Fever

  • Slurred speech

  • Temperature sensitivity

  • A missing tooth

  • General weakness and numbness

  • Jaw pain

  • Difficulty in breathing or swallowing

  • A broken or loose tooth

  • Persistent bleeding even after applying pressure on the site for about 10 minutes

  • A large cut on the face or in the mouth

  • Chest pain

  • A cut on the lip that extends to the surrounding skin

  • A puncture wound in the back of the child’s throat

  • Blurred vision

  • Drooling

  • Neck pain


Call the Dentist

It is always helpful to call your dentist at Colwick Pediatric Dentistry after a dental injury. Your child could be in terrible pain. Calling the dentist before going to the clinic can help the dentist prepare for your child’s treatment. By the time you get there, the dentist will be ready to resolve the situation.


Bring the Child to the Emergency Dentist

Once you reach the dental clinic, the dentist will take your kid’s medical history. Telling the dentist what happened can help the situation. The dentist will then perform a physical dental exam. The dentist can also order imaging tests to see if there are jaw or root fractures. This is a proper way to determine if there are any damaged blood vessels. Here are the situations that need immediate dental care:


  • For a broken permanent tooth, the child must see the dentist right away. The visit must happen within the day of the injury. This is an urgent matter to stop the pain or sensitivity. The dentist can treat the broken tooth with composite resin material.

  • For a loose permanent tooth, see the dentist as soon as possible. Your child will need anesthesia to repair the tooth. The dentist will use splints or stitches to keep the tooth in place. Keeping an eye on the tooth for months or years is necessary.

  • For puncture wounds, the dentist will assess the situation carefully. This type of dental injury increases the risk of injuring the carotid artery, a major blood vessel. You may need to see an emergency doctor right away.

  • For a knocked-out permanent tooth, the dentist must see it immediately. The dentist can place it back in its socket if you preserve it. Place the tooth in cold milk as you drive to the dental clinic. The reattachment must happen within the hour.

Knowing what to do if your child gets a dental injury can help maintain your child’s dental health. At Colwick Pediatric Dentistry, we ensure our patients get the proper dental treatments. Please visit our clinic in Cleburne, Texas, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 817-382-3029 to set an appointment or inquire about our emergency dental services.

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