Crowns And Fillings


Restoration treatment is usually recommended by your dentist if you have missing teeth, or if specific parts of your natural teeth are missing and require repair.

Examples of this include tooth structure that is missing due to:

  • fracture or damage

  • the deterioration of an existing repair

  • decay


Restorations come in a variety of different forms and will vary depending on the extent of the restoration required.
Some of the restorations available include the following:


Fillings are the simplest and most commonly used variety of dental restoration. They are created tooth-colored composite resin and can be put into your tooth in just one visit to your dentist’s office.


Crowns are also a very popular variety of restoration that take the form of a tooth-shaped cap and are designed and colored to match your existing teeth as closely as possible.

If you think you need dental restoration treatment, we recommend that you speak to your dentist who will be happy to advise you which is right for your personal needs.

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